Hotel, Restaurant and Chef

PR, Consultancy & Management

Over 15 years experience, knowledge and contacts, specialising in Foodie hotels, Restaurants, Chefs and Recipe books. Helene and her team work only with a small number of clients at any one time to ensure a personal, thorough and dedicated service.

Mario Armani

Unflappable, charming, knowledgeable and definitely a grafter, Hélène is vital part of our business and marketing strategy, helping us tell our story to the outside world. Cuff Communications helps you stand out from the herd, engaging, reconnecting and attracting a new audience. This is a restaurant PR full service with all the trimmings, and the secret weapon is Hélène herself who works tirelessly in developing and growing our brands and creating a constant dialogue with the outside world. Always professional and welcoming she is our biggest supporter and champions everything we do.